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Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip & Fall Accidents

Premises liability refers to the responsibility of property owners to provide reasonably safe conditions for visitors, workers, and residents.
Under premises liability law, Georgia property owners can be held financially accountable for accidents and injuries that occur on their premises.

List of Common Premise Liability Accidents:

  1. Slip and Falls – Slip, and falls can happen anywhere, at any time. Around the pool, in a hallway, restaurant, even a grocery store.
  2. Negligent Security – The lack or poor management of security can result in chaotic and hazardous situations to spiral out of control. Poorly lit areas and lack of security cameras or security guards offer an opportunity for violence to occur, leading to potentially catastrophic results.
  3. Pool Accidents – Pools, spas and open areas of water can be deadly, especially with young children and those who are unable to swim. There is a huge number of drownings across the country and the entire world, many of which could be prevented if fencing and gating, proper parental supervision and other safety means were established and maintained.
  4. Poor or negligent Maintenance – Making sure establishments are kept up, cleaned, and fixtures are functioning properly

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